Verification of consumption data

Where consumption data has been entered into the Part 2 Energy Calculator, the Assessor must provide evidence to support it and demonstrate its correlation to the assessed area. The consumption figures shall be supported by either corresponding energy bills or verified meter readings (or a combination of the two). This means that, for example, simply submitting a spreadsheet containing consumption figures is not compliant and clear demonstration that this has been verified is required. Furthermore, it is also possible that the energy bills available to an asset might not coincide with the assessed area for the asset, in which case further evidence is required to demonstrate the actual consumption for the assessed area. 

Since there are many different methods in which energy data can be monitored (e.g. manual meter readings, Energy Management Systems etc.), the format used when submitting meter readings often varies between assessments, leading to confusion for Assessors on whether particular evidence meets the requirements. 

For these reasons, further clarity has been provided outlining how compliance can be met when neither energy bills nor verified meter readings (by the Assessor) are available for the assessed area. In these instances, it is possible to submit the following evidence to support consumption data figures: 

  1. Clear description of how the consumption data was obtained, e.g. manual reading, automatic reading from a BMS, energy bills, etc.; 
  2. Clear description of any calculation carried out, e.g. energy use determined by subtracting sub-metered data from main meter readings;
  3. Clear reporting of the period the consumption data relates to, i.e. start date and end-date for each consumption figure; 
  4. Clear confirmation that the figures submitted refer to the consumption for the assessed area and that they are based on metered data, rather than estimations or apportionment. Such confirmation will be provided and signed from either someone internal to the organization or the Assessor themselves. 

Where this is undertaken by someone other than the Assessor, the Assessor must be satisfied that the information is correct, and that the individual has a good understanding of metering systems and of the metering strategy of the particular asset being assessed. This should be clearly stated within the Assessor comments.