Building LCA – evidence requirements for multiple assessments with identical designs

Superstructure + core building services

Where an identical superstructure design and / or identical core building services design is used for multiple buildings, the same building LCA evidence may be submitted for all these assessments.

The following shall be identical:

  • Products specified and quantities installed.
  • Transport of the products to the site (10km variation in transport distance to site is acceptable).
  • In-use assumptions (e.g. maintenance, service lives of products).
  • End-of-life assumptions.

Substructure and hard landscaping

It is unlikely that the same substructure and hard landscaping design will apply to more than one building due to variations in ground conditions and site layout.

Therefore, it is not acceptable for the same substructure / hard landscaping LCA evidence to be submitted for this criteria for more than one assessment.

Similar buildings approach

If the LCA(s) are part of a similar buildings assessment, please also see KBCN1459.

04-Oct-2023 - Link to KBCN1459 added. Scheme applicability updated. KBCN layout adjusted for clarity.