Building LCA – similar buildings approach

If multiple buildings share an identical design, as per KBCN1226, the one set of LCA evidence can be submitted for (where pursued) the superstructure and core buildings services criteria for each identical building.

Where buildings are similar, but not identical the following applies.

Level of variation

  • For <10% variation in LCA results between the buildings, submit the Mat 01/02 calculator for only the worst performing design.
    However, results for all buildings must be included in the LCA report.
  • For ≥10% variation in LCA results submit the Mat 01/02 calculator for every building. See below:

Tool submission

Separate submissions are carried out in BREEAM Projects:

  • Upload one zip file per building.
    Each zip file will contain all required files as if for individual assessments. Clearly identify each building (e.g. the filename should contain ‘Building A’, ‘Building B’ etc).
  • Identify the worst performing building.
    By adding ‘_Worst Performing’ to the end of the filename.

Evidence submission

Separate and specific building LCA evidence for each building must be submitted for (where pursued):

  • The superstructure and core buildings services criteria.
  • The substructure and hard landscaping criteria.
    These aspects will almost always vary irrespective of identical superstructure and core building services design.
    Refer to the technical manual and relevant KBCNs on how to assign hard landscaping to each building on a shared site.

For options appraisals, common evidence covering all similar buildings can be used. There is no requirement for different design options for each building, although this can still be done if this brings value to the project.

04-Oct-2023 - Title and layout updated for clarity and consistency. Scheme applicability updated.
16-Nov-2021 - Revised and re-published.