Approved Standards and Weightings List (ASWL) – Guidance on completing the ASWL where new standards are/are not being proposed

  1. No new standards proposed: If you are not proposing any new standards/tools for use in your assessment, it is not necessary to submit an ASWL to the technical team at BRE Global for approval.
  2. New standards proposed: Only when new standards are being proposed does the ASWL need to be submitted to the BREEAM Technical Team via the ‘Assessor Queries’ section on BREEAM Projects. Please see details about how to do this in the KBCN0762 ASWL submission protocol – Knowledge Base (
  3. Completed ASWL: A project-specific ASWL must be submitted with all International Refurbishment and Fit Out and International New Construction assessments. The ASWL needs to include any recently approved standards that are not listed in columns N (International or European Standard reference) or Q (Approved National Best Practice Standard / Tool Reference / Weighting) of the country specific sheet or in the new country sheet (if a country sheet does not exist for the country the project is in). Rows in the ASWL are not required to be completed when an issue is not targeted/not applicable or if pre-approved standards are used on the assessment. If the assessment is selected for a Quality Assurance audit and any unapproved standards/tools are included in the ASWL, these will be given non-conformances. Please note: An ASWL always needs to be submitted with your assessment even if no new standards are being proposed and only pre-approved standards are being used. Where this is the case, a blank ASWL should be included within the assessment so the QA auditor knows which version of the ASWL has been used.
  4. Using columns T and V: The standards/tools proposed for technical approval should be stated in column T (Proposed National Best Practice Standard/Tool Reference) of the country specific sheet or in the new country sheet (if a country sheet does not exist for the country the project is in). Column V (Assessor Comments) does not need to be filled out; this can be used when a standard/tool is submitted for approval to the technical team.
  5. Referencing standards in an assessment: Within the Assessor’s commentary section in an assessment, clear referencing should be present in line with KBCN0522 Getting the referencing right – Knowledge Base ( indicating where the standard has been included in the evidence within individual applicable issues. If a QA Auditor cannot confirm which standard has been used and that the used standard is approved, this can result in a non-conformance.
  6. Correct ASWL versions: Please use the correct version of the ASWL in accordance with: KBCN0910 Version of ASWL that should be submitted to QA – Knowledge Base (