Learning Mat 01

To support learning of the UK New Construction 2018, Mat 01 issue, an online e-learning module is available on the BRE Academy website which pulls together much of the information and links contained in this KBCN.

Mat 01 Explained

The module is free to access, and requires signing up for a free account with BRE Academy.

For additional detail on Mat 01, the below lists a recommended sequence (to optimise learning and understanding) of learning resources consisting of a variety of reading material and video tutorials.

  1. Why whole building life cycle assessment (LCA)?
    Explains why BREEAM has introduced building LCA.
  2. Getting results with building LCA
    Explores ways to reduce impacts using building LCA.
  3. The BREEAM UK New Construction manual
    Note that the mat 01 issue allows for flexibility:

    • In the tool used; results are accepted from several different 3rd party building LCA tools.
    • In the assessment approach:-
      • Comparison with the BREEAM benchmark – to see how the design compares with average buildings of the same type.
      • Option appraisal – to encourage designers to explore options to reduce impacts for their specific building (regardless of how it compares with the benchmark).
    • In the stages building LCA is done.
    • In how many design options are appraised.
    • In what parts of the building is included in the assessment scope (superstructure; substructure and hard landscaping; core building services).
    • and
    • Reward for integrating LCA options appraised with LCC options in Man 02 – to better inform the designers and client on overall sustainability.
    • Reward for having the building LCA work done by, or verified by, an independent 3rd
  4. Credit Score Ready Reckoner
    A tool to assist users early in the process to determine what they need to do to achieve different credit award levels. There is a PDF and interactive Excel version.
  5. The Results Submission Tool
    To submit results from the chosen building LCA tool and to work out the credit award.
    The following video tutorials provide detailed guidance

Further reading

  1. Building LCA benchmarks
    Explains how the benchmarks are developed and how they are used in BREEAM.
  2. The BREEAM Simplified Building LCA tool
    A free tool for users instead of the paid-for 3rd party full building LCA tools.
    The following video tutorial provides detailed guidance

  3. The knowledge base
    Guidance on how to comply if specific situations arise on a project.

Case study webinars

  1. Tips & Tricks to master Mat 01 for BREEAM 2018 from One Click LCA
    Demonstration on how to achieve LCA credits with One Click LCA (Life Cycle Assessment software) and Buro Happold.
  2. Life Cycle Design Modelling for BREEAM UK NC 2018 using eToolLCD
    Demonstration of the basics of completing life cycle design modelling in eToolLCD LCA software  from start to finish.

Note: More webinars and other related content may be added to the BRE Academy website from time to time.