Credit Score Ready Reckoner

The downloadable files below are both designed to allow users to identify how many credits are available for different combinations of factors applicable to Mat 01 (e.g. the stages done, the tool used, whether options appraisal is done or not). The ‘BREEAM New Constrction 2018 Mat 01 Maximum Credit Score Ready Reckoner’ file is a static table. The ‘Mat01_InteractiveRR’ file is an interactive tool (which also allows users to see how different numbers of options appraised afects the credit award). Both approaches achieve the same function but one may be preferable to the other depending on the circumstances, and user preferences. Although the same information can be found using the Mat01/02 Results Submission Tool (which takes precedence), these files may be useful as quick reference guidance.

Instructions for ‘BREEAM New Construction 2018 Mat 01 Maximum Credit Score Ready Reckoner’ file:-

  1. Identify if the building use type is applicable to ‘Superstructure comparison with the BREEAM benchmark’ (blue section columns).
  2. If it is applicable, identify what stage(s) the ‘Superstructure comparison with the BREEAM benchmark’ will be done at, and use that column (b, c or d). Then decide which tool that will be used for ‘Superstructure comparison with the BREEAM benchmark’. If ‘Superstructure comparison with the BREEAM benchmark’ is not applicable use column a.
  3. Identify what stage(s) ‘Options appraisal’ will be done at (green section rows) and if substructure & hard landscaping and/or core building services will be included. Then identify the tool(s) that can be used for ‘Options Appraisal’ and chose one. Use the relevant row (1 to 13).
  4. Find the intersection of the column identified in step 2 and the row identified in step 3 to find the applicable credit score (this is the maximum depending on the number of options appraised and performance compared with the benchmark, if applicable).
  5. If the credit score identified in step 4 is not ‘n/a’, follow the same row across and check its intersection with columns e and f to see which additional exemplary credits are applicable.

(Alternatively, identify a target credit score first, and then work backwards to find the stages, tool(s) and scope that must be achieved.)

Instructions for ‘Mat01_InteractiveRR’ file:-

  1. Starting at the topmost yellow box under ‘Assessment details’, complete all the yellow boxes according to the project’s anticipated approach to the Mat 01 issue. The predicted credit score will be shown.
  2. Explore the effect on the predicted score when responses are changed (with due consideration of appropriateness to the project). Details on different recognised tools can be see in the ‘ToolsRecognisedByBREEAM’ sheet.
  3. Use this process to either confirm or modify the approach to take.

For both files, the score should be verified by entering the required inputs (determined from this table) into the Mat 01/02 Results Submission Tool.

BREEAM New Construction 2018 MAT 01 Maximum Credit Score Ready Reckoner_v1


02/03/2020 Mat 01 Interactive Ready Reckoner updated to V1.1