Prediction of operational energy consumption – alternative route to Excellent minimum standard

Where four credits for ‘Prediction of operational energy consumption’ are achieved, the minimum standard for Excellent in Ene 01 can be met.

This is independent of meeting any minimum credit score in the issue to achieve the Excellent minimum standard. See KBCN1602.

Substantial improvement

To meet this minimum standard, the asset must show a substantial improvement in operational energy performance, following the ’Prediction of operational energy consumption’ criteria.

This ‘substantial improvement’ is defined as achieving 4 credits using amended metrics generated using the dynamic simulation modelling and following the Option 1 approach.

Amended definitions

Performance is calculated based on amended definitions of an actual and a reference building:

Amended actual building:

  • Actual fabric.
  • Expected actual occupancy.
  • Actual building servicing systems.

Amended reference building:

  • Notional fabric.
  • Expected actual occupancy.
  • Reference building servicing systems*.

*The reference building servicing system may be replaced with a gas boiler as the heat generation source.

Where the performance improvement over the amended notional building does not achieve 4 credits, the BREEAM Excellent standard may still be met. Robust evidence must be provided showing that this level of performance improvement is not possible, based on constraints outside of the control of the project team.

26-Jun-2023 - Content updated to apply to International schemes. Title and wording clarified. Text on manual errata in NC 2018 3.0 moved to new KBCN.
14-Jun-2023 - Note added to confirm this is integrated into the platform for UKNC V6.1 in all countries. 
24-Aug-2022 - Content updated and applied to UKNC V6
19-Aug-2019 - Clarification for UKNC 2018 3.0.