Ene 01: Minimum standard for Excellent

To provide greater flexibility, there is an alternative route for meeting the minimum Excellent standard within Ene 01. Where four credits for ‘Prediction of operational energy consumption’ are achieved, the minimum standard for Excellent in Ene 01 can be deemed to be met, provided certain conditions have been met.

Specifically, where it can be demonstrated that the operational energy performance of the building has been substantially improved as a result of the process undertaken to achieve the four ’Prediction of operational energy consumption’ credits, the Ene 01 minimum standard for BREEAM Excellent is deemed to have been achieved. A ‘substantial improvement’ would be demonstrated where the overall energy performance ratio (EPRnc) achieve 4 credits using the standard Ene 01 2018 calculator based on modelling the actual building and an amended notional building where:

Actual Building
• Actual fabric
• Expected actual occupancy
• Actual building servicing systems

Amended ‘notional’ Building
• Notional fabric
• Expected actual occupancy
• Notional building servicing systems

For the energy modelling and reporting criteria the CO2 metric may be calculated using either the CO2 and primary energy factors for the version of the Buildings Regulations specified in the BREEAM UK New Construction manual (2018 or V6) or using SAP 10.2 emission factors*. The notional building servicing system may be replaced with a gas boiler as heat generation source. In instances where the performance improvement over the amended ‘notional’ building does not equate to 4 credits, the BREEAM excellent standard may still be deemed to have been met if it can be demonstrated that there are constraints that mean that this level of performance improvement is not feasible.

*The Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy Rating of Dwellings Version 10.2 (17-12-2021) https://files.bregroup.com/SAP/SAP%2010.2%20-%2017-12-2021.pdf

Clarification 19/08/2019
Version 3.0 of the technical manual refers to ‘4 credits’ for both Excellent and Outstanding. This will be corrected in the next reissue of the manual, so that it is clear that for Simple Buildings the requirement is achieving the Prediction criteria, not achieving four credits. This was applied to version 3.0 of the technical manual, but can be applied in all issues of the UK NC2018 scheme.

24/08/2022 - Content updated and applied to UKNC V6
19/08/2019 Clarified as above.