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Information correct as of 16thAugust 2022. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.

Access to HQM Logos, Marks and Badges - KBCN0995

All licensed HQM assessors should have access to the HQM ‘Logos, Marks and Badges Folder’ via BREEAM Projects

BREEAM assessor performing additional roles within the project team - KBCN0403

This is acceptable in certain situations. For more information please refer to the Operations Manual SD5070 available under BREEAM Assessor Guidance on the BREEAM extranet.  

BREEAM Local Groups - KBCN0744

There are several BREEAM Local Groups run by licenced assessors who like to meet up and connect with other BREEAM licence holders locally. Creating a new Local Group is relatively simple and commonly done via the BREEAM Forum where there are some tips and some guidance available. Each existing local group also has a forum sub-forum. If you want a sub forum for your local group then simply let BRE know and we will set this up.

BREEAM Logos, Marks and Badges - KBCN1347

BREEAM licensed assessors can access BREEAM logos, marks and badges from their BREEAM Projects account. All logos, marks and badges have specific rules for use. Before using any of the BREEAM symbols, assessors should refer to the BREEAM Logo and Marks Guidance and Rules for Use document PN235 – which can be found in the licensing documentation. The BREEAM logos and marks are available from BREEAM Projects in Logos Marks and Badges folder. To obtain approval for any print media use of the marks and logos and to confirm the recognition text that is to be included on the Badge of Recognition, please email [email protected]

If you require confirmation of your Company Licence Number or Assessor Number please submit a request to the BREEAM Licensing team by email to [email protected]


BREEAM Online Password Security - KBCN0742

As a UKAS accredited and ISO 9001 certified scheme, BREEAM strives to maintain the security of our assessors when they access BREEAM information via BREEAM online systems. We would like to remind assessors of their responsibility to keep their BREEAM login details secure. The BREEAM login provides access to a variety of different websites and systems and should only be used by the licensed assessor to which the login has been issued. BREEAM Projects and BREEAM In-Use online systems are used as portals for accessing BREEAM information and tools, registering and submitting BREEAM assessments, and obtaining Green Guide ratings. To maintain security you must not disclose your login details to other individuals, even within the same organisation. We also advise you to change your passwords regularly. If you are aware that others know your login details, please change them immediately to ensure that your access to these accounts remains secure.

BREEAM Plaques and Banners - KBCN1222

From December 2018 we are pleased to announce the launch of a new portal for ordering building plaques and framed certificates for certified assessments. Showcasing a new style of crafted plaques made with either recycled glass, or produced using UK sourced oak with the Grown in Britain label, and a new certificate frame and framing service, using FSC certified materials. The option to now pay online makes the process of ordering faster and simpler than before, for you and your clients. Hoarding banners have now relocated from the BRE Bookshop to the BREEAM Store for use during the construction phase. Please visit www.breeam.com/store for more information and to make an order.

Browse button not showing when uploading evidence - KBCN1117

If when you go to upload evidence using the BREEAM Projects Report/Evidence upload facility and the browse button is missing, you will need to update your Adobe Flash Player to an up to date version. To update your Adobe Flash Player you will need to update through your browser settings or system control panel depending on which browser you use. You may need to contact your system administrator to make these changes. If the assessment is compatible with using a BREEAM Projects online tool then all evidence and scoring and reporting tools should be uploaded within the BREEAM Projects online tool for the assessment - which does not require Adobe Flash Player. If you have installed Adobe and the browse button is still not showing follow the instructions is KBNC1163. If your project is not compatible with BREEAM Projects online tool (see KBCN1069) then evidence can be uploaded using third party FTP sites. Please see KBCN0524 for our requirements when using third party FTP sites.  

Browse button on upload facility not showing - KBCN1163

If after following instructions in KBCN1117  the Browse button is still not showing you will need to change your site security settings. Instructions below are for Google Chrome, if you are using IE or Firefox then update the site security settings for these browsers through the settings options. If using Google chrome go to the page that is missing the browse button and click on ‘Secure’ in the address bar. Then click on Flash dropdown which will either say ‘Ask’ or ‘Block’ and change to ‘Allow’ – if flash options don’t appear then you will find it under ‘site settings’. Once changed to 'Allow' you can click the cross to close the settings and the page should have a pop up which says 'Reload'. Reload the page and the browse button should appear.

Changing the project scope (Fully fitted/Shell Only/Shell & Core) between Design Stage certification and Post Construction Review - KBCN0990

The Post Construction Review (PCR) must reflect the Design Stage (DS) in all aspects. If anything changes in terms of the scheme, version, building type, functions, scope, size between DS certification and PCR, then the project cannot have a PCR and would need to be registered as a new Post Construction Assessment (PCA). Therefore if a Shell only/Shell and core project has been certified at the DS, this cannot be changed to Fully fitted at PCR and should go through a PCA. However, only in this specific situation, where it changes from Fully Fitted to Shell and vice versa, the DS registration can be used to submit a PCA. Submitting a PCA against the DS registration will supercede the DS certification and the certificate will be re-issued as a PCA. This will incur the PCA certification fee. Any other changes between DS certification and PCR will need to be registered as a new assessment and can be submitted as a PCA. Queries regarding registrations and PCRs can be directed to the BREEAM Registration team.

COVID-19 Bulletin 1: Alterations to BREEAM assessment requirements as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic - KBCN1395

We appreciate that, during this challenging period, complete adherence to all our standard operating and assessment requirements may not be possible. Following our initial guidance on March the 19th, this Bulletin aims to assist assessors, and our wider stakeholders, with continuing to conduct assessments in a robust manner whilst also taking a practical view in light of the COVID-19 global crisis and its impacts on many territories. It may be necessary for us to update this guidance as circumstances change. We will inform assessors via the process note as and when such updates are made however please do check back prior to nearing the submission of an assessment to ensure that you are following the most current guidance. Readers are also advised that this guidance is only applicable in situations where social distancing rules relating to the COVID-19 pandemic are in place and must be implemented in line with the prevailing government/relevant authority advice on social distancing, and health and safety.  
  1. Submitting assessments and certification:
As the response to the COVID-19 pandemic currently varies between geographic regions and territories, assessors should provide an account of the particular circumstances of the place and nature of the assessment within their report. Provided assessors follow all relevant guidance outlined in this Bulletin as a means of demonstrating compliance in as robust and thorough a manner possible, Interim and Final Certificates will be issued as normal, without a caveat.  
  1. Gathering evidence for site assessments:
The status of construction, and other sites is variable; some are dormant, others active and operational with some cases of priority works and completions still taking place. Furthermore, some stakeholders may be having to self-isolate during a critical point of the assessment. As such, it may be difficult, or impossible, for assessors to gain full access to conduct a site assessment. In cases where an assessor cannot personally visit or gain access to the site, they can appoint a suitable individual, for example a main contractor or asset manager, to undertake a formal site assessment on their behalf. The appointed individual would be expected to provide a robust account to the assessor of evidence in place of their own site assessment report. We would expect the report to contain photographs and/or virtual tour stills from the building and be signed off by both the appointed individual and assessor. For those assessment issues relating to external spaces beyond the site, we will accept stills/images from Google Street View (or equivalent), provided it is demonstrated that such evidence is current. Where the above options are not possible, for example when the site has been closed, for HQM, BREEAM New Construction and Refurbishment schemes, in place of a site assessment report, we will accept ‘as built drawings’ and written confirmation from the design team and main contractors that the requirements have been met. This confirmation should be specific and adhere to other evidence requirement principles.  
  1. BREEAM in Use re-certification:
If a site assessment is not possible, either for the assessor or a suitable individual, desk-based evidence will be accepted for the purposes of BIU re-certification where:  
  1. Timing of workshops, testing and other subsidiary evidence submissions:
Given the widespread availability of remote communication technologies, it is generally possible to undertake the majority of activities relating to our assessment criteria without the need for face-to-face contact or site assessments. However, we appreciate that this won’t be the case in all instances and that some projects may be experiencing delays in some areas whilst other aspects may still be moving forward. Development and improvements are rarely linear at the best of times. With respect to workshops, the key consideration is that they take place at a time when they have a meaningful impact and achieve the aim of the criteria. BREEAM New Construction and RFO schemes typically set timelines based on the RIBA Work Stages. Evidence of remote workshops taking place outside of the prescribed timescales will be accepted provided it can be demonstrated that the aim of the issue is still achieved. With respect to indoor air quality testing, where possible, the construction programme should allow time for the indoor air quality testing to be undertaken post-construction/pre-occupancy, in line with the BREEAM criteria. However, where it can be demonstrated that this is not possible, due to restrictions relating to COVID-19, it is permissible to undertake the indoor air quality testing post-occupancy, as follows: With respect to subsidiary, third party assessments such as ecological site inspections or audits, desktop surveys based on available information (e.g. planning surveys, agent’s reports, photographs, Google Earth), can be used as an alternative provided there is enough material for a confident recommendation and/or outcome to be achieved. If the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted prior to Final Certification and it is safe to do so, this must then be followed by a site inspection/audit to verify any assumptions made and gather any missing survey information. The desktop survey and site report should then be submitted as evidence. Third party consultants should also work in line with any health and safety guidance issued by relevant professional bodies.   We hope that you find this helpful. It is intended as general guidance, however if assessors encounter situations which differ substantially and/or are unsure how/whether this guidance is applicable, please seek advice from BREEAM by submitting a query on the webform.

Healthcare: The NHS & BREEAM - KBCN0475

The Department of Health supports the Government’s commitment to the sustainable development agenda and recognises the importance of delivering on this agenda through the design and build process. As the successors to NEAT BREEAM Healthcare 2008, and going forward with BREEAM New Construction (which incorporates Healthcare buildings), supports that process to ensure standards continue to improve. This is further reinforced through HTM 07-07 Sustainable health and social care buildings: Planning, design, construction and refurbishment. BREEAM is a Government requirement under:

How to start a PCR in BREEAM Projects - KBCN1167

When completing a post construction review (PCR) of a certified design stage assessment it is not necessary to submit a new assessment registration. PCRs are a review assessment of a certified design stage and therefore do not require a new assessment registration. Do not register PCRs through the online registration system otherwise a non-refundable registration fee will be charged. Assessors can start PCRs of their own certified Design stage assessments through BREEAM Projects. Some schemes are not available in BREEAM Projects please see KBCN1069 for details. If the scheme is not compatible to start a PCR in BREEAM Projects please follow instructions in KBCN076. Firstly, find the certified Design stage in your Projects folders. This will either be in a Project folder you have created or it will be in the Project folder titled ‘MY ASSESSMENTS NOT IN A PROJECT’. Click on the Grey cross to expand the folder. Find the assessment and click on it to open the design stage. It should have a green tick at the end which shows ‘Certified’. There will be a box on the first page of the DS assessment which shows the previous ‘QA Result’ Scroll to the bottom of the assessment page and a 'Start PCR' button should be visible. You will be taken to start PCR page with three simple questions. Answer the three questions and click Start PCR. A new PCR assessment will be added and you will receive an email confirming the number. If you cannot find the design stage in your Projects folders then it may have been certified by a different assessor or a different licensed assessor company. In this instance please contact BREEAM Registrations team on [email protected] or on Live Chat and the team will be able to start the PCR and assign it your account (if the relevant scheme licence is valid). Please note that you do not have access to any assessments for schemes where you do not hold a valid licence and therefore would not be able to start assessing at PCR stage. Please see other compliance note regarding the process of submitting PCRs under schemes that use the excel scoring and reporting tool and are not compatible with BREEAM Projects.

Invoicing to the assessor’s client or a third party - KBCN0713

Please be advised that our contract is with the Licensed Assessor organisation and as such we will not invoice any third parties for any fees that are listed in the fee sheet (FS036). As stated in the fee sheet and terms and conditions, all invoices for BREEAM Fees will be issued to the assessor organisation for payment, and it is the assessor organisation that is responsible for the debt if payment is not received.  

New Fees – main changes and key points – FS036 Rev27 From 1 July 2017 - KBCN0879

Note: FS036 rev 28 is effective from 1st December 2019 - See KBCN1366
Schemes affected Main changes Key points  

New Fees – FS036 Rev28 – effective from 1st December 2019 - KBCN1366

Follow this link to access FS036 Rev 28 A summary of changes, providing additional information is also available here.

Process Notes - KBCN0611

Process notes can be accessed by licensed assessors here. When a new process note has been released, you may be required to tick the box to confirm you have read the note to be able to access other documents in BREEAM Projects. To do this scroll to the bottom of the Process Note index page and tick the box and click next.  

Scope: Mixed BREEAM CSH/HQM developments - KBCN0383

In general terms, any relevant areas or facilities which serve the building should be included in the BREEAM assessment, regardless of whether they are also assessed under CSH/HQM. Whilst CSH is a Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) scheme, it was developed by BRE Global and the requirements are generally aligned with BREEAM. This should not, therefore involve the duplication of work, but means that the same evidence can be applied to each scheme as appropriate.  

Using BREEAM badges of recognition - KBCN1348

For details on how licensed assessors can access the badges and specific rules for use please see KBCN1347 The badge is used as a symbol that demonstrates formal association (i.e. by Agreement with BRE Global) with the BREEAM schemes. The nature of the association is defined by the ‘recognition text’ that appears in the bottom part of the symbol and any descriptive text that appears below the symbol. This is not a Certification Mark. For the ‘Licensed Assessor Company Badge’, the Company Licence reference should be used. For the ‘Listed Assessor Badge’ the individual assessor reference should be used. If you require confirmation of your Company Licence number or Assessor number, please submit a request to the BREEAM Licensing team by email to [email protected] We like to encourage the widest possible use of the recognition badge on company stationery, websites, marketing and publicity materials – but it must always be shown in full with the descriptor, and must not be used to imply recognition for any product or service not recognised by BREEAM.

Using BREEAM certification mark - KBCN1350

For details on how licensed assessors can access the certification mark and specific rules for use please see KBCN1347 The BREEAM certification mark can only be used in relation to a certified assessment and is issued by BRE Global only. The mark must be displayed with text to describe the scheme and a unique identification number written below the mark. BRE Global will provide the unique text which can then be added to the certification mark. The following text must be included at least once on all materials (including websites) which include one or more of the BREEAM logos, marks or symbols. The text should appear as footnote text that is legible to the naked eye on either the front or back page of documents and on all website pages where the logo appears. “BREEAM is a registered trademark of BRE (the Building Research Establishment Ltd. Community Trade Mark E5778551). The BREEAM marks, logos and symbols are the Copyright of BRE and are reproduced by permission”

Using BREEAM logos - KBCN1349

For details on how licensed assessors can access the logo and specific rules for use please see KBCN1347 The BREEAM logo may be used on your marketing and publicity materials, but only in connection with BREEAM related products and services. This logo is not to be used on your general business stationery (letterheads - paper or electronic including e-mails or business cards) to demonstrate your association with BREEAM, your BREEAM badge of recognition should be used for this purpose. The following text must be included at least once on all materials (including websites) which include one or more of the BREEAM logos, marks or symbols. The text should appear as footnote text that is legible to the naked eye on either the front or back page of documents and on all website pages where the logo appears. “BREEAM is a registered trademark of BRE (the Building Research Establishment Ltd. Community Trade Mark E5778551). The BREEAM marks, logos and symbols are the Copyright of BRE and are reproduced by permission”
Information correct as of 16thAugust 2022. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.