00 Definition – Approved Innovations

BREEAM Approved Innovations are a one-time recognition of an innovative technology, design or process which creates unique outcomes, benefits or learning opportunities for a registered BREEAM assessment outside of the scope of established practice.

As BREEAM is an assessment of a building, infrastructure or master plan, the innovations process does not certify the product, process or technology. Instead the recognition awarded is for the benefits that these innovations bring to the assessed project(s) or learning opportunities for the wider industry.

The following scoping questions help BRE Global to determine whether an innovation application merits further investigation:

1. Is this innovation unique and first of its kind in the world?

If No;

  • Are there additional benefits of the application of this new technology, design or process that could be considered innovative?
  • Is this innovation being adapted for significantly different conditions to those in which it is normally applied, that could be considered innovative?

Please note: the applicant should consider the uniqueness of the innovation in relation to the construction industry as a whole. Approved Innovation coordinators will only consider applications which may be considered innovative generally; not just within the context of assessed BREEAM projects.

2. Does the innovation provide a measurable social, environmental or economic benefit to the asset being assessed?

3. Does the impact of the innovation go beyond the scope of existing BREEAM criteria… OR does it exceed exemplary BREEAM benchmarks by a significant margin?

4. Will the lessons learned from this innovation be shared with the wider industry?

5. Is it practical to replicate this innovation on other projects?

If the answer to questions 1-5 is ‘Yes,’ please submit an application for further review.

If the answer to question 1 is ‘No’, but ‘Yes’ to either of its sub-questions, and all other answers are ‘Yes’, please also submit an application for review.

If the answer is ‘No’ to any other question, it is unlikely that an innovation application will be considered for peer review or approval.

02.12.2019 Wording clarified.