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Information correct as of 22ndJune 2024. Please see for the latest compliance information.

Approved Standards and Weightings (ASWL) – Applicability to BREEAM INC V6 - KBCN1489

The International New Construction 2016 country weightings in the Approved Standards and Weightings List (ASWL) are applicable to International New Construction V6. This includes: The latest version of the ASWL template must be used for newly registered assessments (see KBCN0910).
23 Mar 2022 - Updated to include additional information and align title with other content

Assessment tools – Applicability to BREEAM INC V6 - KBCN1503

The following offline (Excel) spread-sheet tools for BREEAM International New Construction 2016 remain applicable for assessments using BREEAM INC V6: The referencing of these tools will be updated shortly, to confirm this.

Asset classification – co-living developments - KBCN1568

The following is a guide only. Every co-living project will combine a varying mix of residential with managed spaces, and assessors must in all cases review the suitability of the criteria to determine the most appropriate asset classification. Co-living features Co-living developments generally combine: Classification Using building regulation classifications as a guide As a guide, assessors can also consider how their asset is classified according to local regulations. For UK NC assets, KBCN1225 provides additional clarification:

ASWL – submission timescales - KBCN0425

If no new standards are being proposed for use on a project, it is not necessary to submit an Approved Standards and Weightings List (ASWL) to BRE Global for approval. Please note that a completed list must always be submitted as part of the report submission to the Quality Assurance (QA) team. Where new standards are being proposed for use, the ASWL should be submitted to the BREEAM technical team at least 3 months prior to the submission of the assessment for QA. Those received at the same time as the report may result in a delay to the QA process. BRE Global aims to review new standards within four weeks, however this may be exceeded in cases where further investigation into the applicability of proposed new standards is required. BRE Global will keep the assessor updated of the status of the review in these instances.

Evidence – Photographs not permitted for security reasons - KBCN0389

Where photographs are not permitted during a site visit for security reasons, in addition to any alternative evidence requirements listed in the Schedule of Evidence for each issue, the assessor will also need to provide a detailed site inspection report and/or as-built drawings (where permitted by the client). If following this approach, full justification and documentary evidence from the client will be required for QA purposes.

Fit-out level – Selecting the appropriate assessment type - KBCN1627

Projects designed and constructed as fully fitted should not be evaluated as ‘Shell and core’ or ‘Shell-only’ where the intent is to limit the scope of the BREEAM assessment without further justification. Where the fit-out level of a project is not consistent, the BREEAM assessment type should be considered in line with KBCN0702

Guidance Notes – Applicability to BREEAM INC V6 - KBCN1502

Some Guidance Notes that apply to BREEAM International New Construction 2016 (INC 2016) remain fully or partly applicable to assessments using BREEAM International New Construction Version 6 (INC V6): Fully applicable Partly applicable Not applicable

Knowledge Base – Applicability of INC 2016 KBCNs to INC V6 - KBCN1501

The transition from BREEAM International NC2016 to V6 includes a significant update to the Energy section of the technical manual, however most of the criteria in other categories remain unchanged. We are in the process of migrating KBCNs from NC2016 to V6 and adding new V6-specific content. In the meantime, assessors should consider that where the criteria have not changed in the transition, all relevant NC2016 KBCNs are valid for V6. If, having compared the criteria of both schemes, you are unsure whether a KBCN can be applied to V6, please contact us for clarification using the assessor webform.
Information correct as of 22ndJune 2024. Please see for the latest compliance information.