On-site LZC – whole site shared connection

To be recognised in BREEAM, the on-site Low and Zero Carbon (LZC) technology must have a direct physical connection to the assessed building.


Where the LZC technology is;

  • located on the same site,
  • is owned and managed by the same organization as the assessed building, and
  • where it is impractical to physically connect the assessed building to the system

it is acceptable to allocate the energy generated from this technology to the assessed building proportionally as a calculation of the building’s predicted energy consumption compared to the total energy consumption of the whole site.

To allocate renewable electricity by proportional consumption follow these steps;

  • Obtain the total amount of annual renewable electricity generated on-site;
  • Exclude all renewable electricity which has been exported to the grid;
  • Determine the respective electricity consumption of all buildings on the whole site (predicted for new builds/measured for existing buildings).

Where consumption data is missing, renewable electricity must not be allocated to the assessed building. In this case, it is assumed that all electricity consumed is sourced from the grid.

21-Dec-2022 - Applicability to In-Use V6 confirmed
24-Aug-2022 - Applicability to UKNC V6 confirmed